Free (/Libre), and Open Source Software (FOSS)

This course teaches principles, practices, and economic underpinnings of free/libre, and open source software.

The course is structured into 15 class sessions of 90 min. each, as is customary in Germany. As the videos show, you can be faster or slower to make it work for you.


01 Course introduction 90 min.
02 Intellectual property 90 min.
03 Corporate governance 90 min.
04 Project communities 90 min.
05 Engineering processes and tools 90 min.
06 Inner source 90 min.
07 Corporate open sourcing 90 min.
08 The software industry 90 min.
09 Developer foundations 90 min.
10 User-led consortia 90 min.
11 Service and support firms 90 min.
12 Distributor firms 90 min.
13 Single-vendor open source 90 min.
14 Labor economics 90 min.
15 Course conclusions 90 min.


Lecture slides
YouTube playlist


Unless specified otherwise, the FOSS course materials are licensed under the CreativeCommons CC BY 4.0 International license.

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